Your website is the online face of your business and a vital part of your marketing strategy, but not all websites hit the right tone.  Mistakes can happen.  Take a look at these bad websites that we just love.

The Room

The Room is a classic cult movie, regarded by some as the worst film ever made (you probably should see it, it really is that bad).  So it’s kind of fitting that it also has a truly bad website, made up of countless fonts, bad layouts, a hompage that goes on for miles, animated gifs and pop-ups galore.

A truly remarkable achivement!

Lings Cars

There’s a lot of things going on with this car hire website based in the UK and run by a “scruffy Chinese girl”, Ling.  From the garish background, to the overload of animated gifs, this site could well induce a migraine after a few minutes of browsing, but it seems to work – Lings Cars is a successful business, so sometimes maybe more really is better!


This Norwegian site offer a whole range of products, sold by manufacturers from numerous other sites.  But the layout is truly eyewatering.  The homepage is a total mess of ads featuring tiny images and text along with the obligatory mass of animated gifs.

A real masterclass on how not to build a website!

Pacific Northwest X-Ray

Another site that makes extensive use of garish backgrounds, animated gifs and as many font colours as possible.  Pacific Northwest sell X-Ray equipment and, by the looks of it, their site has received more than a slight overdose of harmful rays!

Serene Naturist

A massage service with a difference.  As the name suggests this site offers naked treatments from naked masseurs, that’s if you can navigate the site, past countless animations, nude images and a colour scheme that incorporates every colour under the sun.

To be fair, their treatment rooms are just as in-your-face, so at least the site lets you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for!

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