Now a well-known marketing phrase, the expression content is king originated from an essay by Bill Gates written in 1996 where he made predictions on the future function of the internet. In this article we take a look at why original, good quality online content is vital for your business.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in the past in broadcasting”

Bill Gates


Each business is different so a fully tailored approach to content creation is needed to provide engaging, entertaining content that is useful to, or solves a problem for, your specific target market to be successful in content marketing.

Some specific reasons that content it king…

SEO Ranking

Good quality written content will help your website to rate higher organically on search engine sites like Google. This will drive more potential customers to your website. The content must be original and contain the correct strategic keywords appropriate to your target market. Offering great written content also creates authority and trust with your potential customers. Sure, its possible to pay-per-click for this traffic but ultimately the best solution is to create content so good It conquers the search engine ranks and generates free organic traffic.

Engagement with your brand

If you provide excellent blogs, social media posts and other great content then, after reading them, your followers are more inclined to like the post, share it, make a comment or email it on. Some of the most successful companies that use content marketing will attempt to answer questions or solve problems that their specific potential customers may encounter while searching for a product that the marketeer offers. This kind of marketing will broadcast your brand message to a larger audience. You will begin to build a relationship with your potential customers and you will create more inquiries and sales.

Increased website Traffic

Basic websites with just a few simple pages are likely to suffer low traffic, higher bounce rates, few page views and low engagement. On the other hand, if you invest in a website that is loaded with genuinely good quality content that is useful to the reader, your potential client, then they are likely to stick around and view multiple pages on the site as well as potentially revisit the site later.

“Blogging businesses experience 126% higher lead growth than businesses that do not have a blog”


Build relationships with customers

You will be able to show a more personal, human side of your business. Online content should project a vision of your corporate identity, standards and the personality of your business. This is an easy task through other methods like direct outbound marketing.

Increase sales inquiries and sales

If you provide great quality content that is useful to the kind of people you are marketing your products to in a not too sales like way, you will build authority and brand awareness that will ultimately lead to increased inquiries and sales.

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