“Logos for sale, $5 dollars each” is a sales pitch I see regularly on social media.  It’s an extraordinary idea to comprehend that any business person would consider such a proposal, given the importance of the task.

From the designer’s point of view this also seems unsustainable.  In the race to the bottom, nobody wins.

Everyone Is working to a budget, compromises must be made and few have the multi-million dollar budgets of the corporate giants when it comes to a logo, but it is an important thing to get right.

Here are some important points to consider during your logo design phase.

Your logo is the face of your company.  A symbol that will be constantly connected to everything you do – every business card or email you send will probably feature this small bit of design.  To put it simply, your logo is your identity.

Creating a logo is one of the first marketing tasks a new business is likely to undertake.  Sometimes not much thought is put into the process and a founder will make a gut decision based on his or her personal choice without much thought of the importance of the technique needed.

The technique behind logo design is important and there is a science to creating the right logo for your business.  I say the right logo for your company, but in fact it should be the right logo for your customers.  Your logo is for your customers and it should be designed in a way that appeals to the kind of person who would want to use your business, product or service.

It’s true that a company can be successful with a bad logo, but it’s just as true that a similar company with a good logo will do better.

For a marketing expert to bring up the topic of a change of logo can be a difficult and touchy subject.  With all the time and passion people but into building up their company, for someone to come along and criticise the very symbol it’s built on is a bit like telling someone that they raised their children badly.  It doesn’t always go down well!

But sometimes companies do need a brand makeover.  It’s hard to admit to ourselves, particularly if you’re getting a few customers coming through the door, visiting your website or calling you on the phone.

Logos can evolve

Some business people are scared to change their logo.  It’s like Feng Shui, and superstition comes into play for some.  The idea being that if the design is changed then all the effort put into promoting the business up to that point could be lost.  Customers could be confused or lost, and it would be just like starting all over again.

Smart brands and the world’s biggest and oldest companies know that logos need to evolve.  Just like music, architecture and clothes change fashion, so should your companys’ image.  A good designer can update your logo and branding without losing the essence of what made it familiar to your customers in the first place.  A sharp, eye-catching new logo might give you the edge over your competition.

In the old days, companies preferred complicated logos like a seal or company stamp, lots of writing and symbols were crammed into the design.

In modern times nearly all the best logos of the winning organisations are simple and minimalist in style, but many draw inspirations from the original design used when the company was founded.

The importance of colour

Colour will have a big impact on the way people feel about your brand. Colour is the first thing people will see and each colour will create a different emotional response in the mind of the person viewing it.

Keeping it simple

Logos should be memorable and easy to recognise.  Unlike the logos above that evolved, some are so simple, iconic and timeless that we would never want to see them change.  Here are some of our favourites.

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