With the likes of TripAdvisor, Booking.com and Agoda dominating search engine results, many hotels in South East Asia simply don’t bother building a website of their own. This is not the best strategy as research suggests that guests visit multiple websites before deciding to book and, in fact, most leisure travellers will make there final choice on which hotel to book after visiting a hotel’s own website, whether they book directly or through an OTA.

Your website should be the centre of your hotel’s maketing strategy with all the social media channels and review sites surrounding it. Here are some other reasons why your hotel needs a good quality website.

The importance of SEO

You will get the chance to rank higher in those all-important Google searches with your own website. If you have a good quality website with fresh, engaging and regularly updated content then you will find you will receive traffic from organic (non-paid) searches, which should lead to an increase in direct bookings for your hotel.

Stand out and create a brand image

The layout, design, colour scheme, images and written content on your website are a chance for you to build a brand image for your hotel and create a sense of the style and character of your establishment before your potential customer arrives. This will not be possible if you rely on OTAs to generate all of your business for you.


Your website is the primary tool for communication with your potential guests, as well as your booked guests. You can communicate with them about extra services, special events, special offers and restaurant menus. This communication is not one way. With a bit of work your website can become an excellent tool for learning about your potential customers too. You can discover when they are considering booking and what aspects of your business interests them the most, amongst other things.

Direct sales and booking engines

The ultimate goal for many hotel websites is direct bookings. Bookings received through OTAs come at a high cost so it will be a good investment to try to achieve as many direct bookings as possible. With a customised and well looked after website with a good quality booking engine you are likely to see an increase in direct bookings that, in time will pay for itself.

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