With competition growing in south east Asia, your potential clients will have more and more choices from your competitors every day. To get ahead of the competition you will need a great marketing strategy. Over the next few years marketing is going to be the most important difference between companies that grow to become market leaders in their industry and those that fall behind.
For large companies it makes sense to employ an in-house marketing team, but even the largest corporations in the world hire agencies for many of their marketing tasks. For small and medium-sized businesses it’s normally a much better idea to hire an outside company to manage your marketing strategy. It will also work out much cheaper for most businesses.
Marketing is a big subject. You will need a strong strategic plan that sets out your goals, procedures and budgets needed to succeed. Often market research is required and you’ll also need skills in brand development, website design, graphic design, social media expertise, written content creation, event planning and networking. No one person can do all these things very well. This means you would need to hire several people to create a whole marketing department.
With an agency you will have access to a readymade, experienced team of marketing professionals. You can hire an agency for individual projects or to look after your entire marketing strategy. This offers you complete control and flexibility.
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